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We take real-life workplace experiences and turn them into animated stories that demonstrate best practice

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We partner with you to create animated training videos to help your employees learn new skills, behaviours.

We also design and deploy complete online training courses on your own learning platform or we can host them on our servers.

What makes a good learning animation?

We morph photos of your staff into animated characters, create scenes based on your actual workplace and have them engaged in recognisable situations. Your staff might even get to voice their own characters!


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Animations that tell stories

Like all businesses and organisations globally you are facing the need to train your staff quickly in how to navigate your workplace safely in light of the need for social distancing. Our existing animations can be adapted to show your employees in their working environment.

Choose the style of animation you want:

One Colour line drawn

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2D Standard

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Storyboard Strip

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Full Color illustrated

Choose your own bespoke Character Style

Range of 2D and 3D Styles


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We work with


Independent Consultants, Coaches and Trainers

Marketing Departments

Assessors and E - Learning Providers


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Recent projects include:


Prometric & Dublin City University

We have used our six-step competency analysis process to turn their competency framework into specific scenarios for each competency cluster.

A collaboration between Prometric and Dublin City University to research the benefits of adding animations to the university exams. This was presented to an international assessors' conference, Athens 2019. 

Management Institute

We worked with a Management Institute who have selected us to deliver scenarios for their examinations. These scenarios are to be delivered to 20 countries and adapted to match their cultures.


What makes us different?

We meet with your employees - in either an online workshop or meeting format - to tease out the typical workplace scenarios and frontline interactions they encounter in their work and turn them into memorable stories.

This makes your content relevant and enjoyable to engage with.

Why informal learning?

We live in a world where informal learning happens every day - via YouTube, online learning modules, peer support, Q&A websites, Google etc.


Organisations are moving away from longer classroom-style training courses to shorter, more accessible, and more targeted online content that can be consumed anywhere at any time.


Our videos are either standalone

or form part of interactive

modular training.

Companies we've worked with:


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