Hiroshi - we have a 10-second video in this blue box that we want to run automatically then stop, when the user scrolls to this part of the page.

Choose your style

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  1. Illustrated story-based digital presentation  with static images (eg slideshow)

    1. 2d (cartoon-style) animation (eg GoAnimate)
    2. Complex animation with greater selection of gestures and camera angles (eg AfterDark)

    3. Animatrix (simple animation/series of near-stills)

    4. Whiteboard animations?

    5. Story-based series of illustrations 

  • A collaboration between Prometric and Dublin City University to research the benefits of adding animations to the university exams. This was presented to an international assessors' conference, Athens 2019. 

Prometric & Dublin City University

  • UWE text

University of West of England

  • We worked with a Management Institute who have selected us to deliver scenarios for their examinations. These scenarios are to be delivered to 20 countries and adapted to match their cultures.

  • We have used our six-step competency analysis process to turn their competency framework into specific scenarios for each competency cluster.

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