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FREE bespoke employee training animation*

for selected applicants

(and 20% off for everyone else who applies!)


*including scenario development, script preparation, and full-animation production sessions

Send me details!

Would you like to be notified of future offers?

We are looking to collaborate with three consultants/organisations to create animations that depict real-life situations in business or education. These can be embedded in your e-learning, presentations, or social media.

Take advantage of our expertise in depicting real-life workplace interactions

How do I get chosen?

Fill in the form above and if you meet our criteria, i.e. if you have experience of working with competency frameworks, we will contact you to request a brief phone or video chat in order to further identify whether we are good fit for working together.

​Why are we doing this?

... because we are building a library of animated videos that demonstrate leadership competencies in action for our brand new competency measurement platform We will retain the copyright of the final animations but will license them free of charge for your own use.

We create the storyboard, script and animation for you

... based on online meetings we have with you and/or your client.

Your only commitment

is that if your application is successful you will need to participate in four online meetings during which we clarify your requirements, work out a storyboard and refine the script with you.


Before we use the animations for our own purposes we will remove any identifiable names, locations etc. in order to preserve your or your client's anonymity. Once we have done this we will use the videos to train raters in giving higher quality feedback. They will also be used in our new interactive tablet-based 360 degree feedback platform which we will be launching in Q2 2021.

Can't wait?

If you prefer an animation straight away, just email or schedule a call with our e-learning animation consultant before 30-Nov-2020. Mention this offer and you'll get the 20% discount!


In addition to storyboarding, scripting and producing animations we are also specialists in working with educators, e-learning professionals, trainers and psychologists to measure workplace competencies and behaviours.

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