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                                                                     Terms and Conditions

  • All applications must be received by 01-Dec-2020.

  • Applicants will be chosen from a shortlist followed by a brief phone or video chat.

  • All applications will be judged according to our internal requirements. 

  • Our decision is final. No communications will be entered into concerning our decision.

  • We require one main point of contact to administer the process, and a Subject Matter Expert who fully understands the competencies/workplace interactions the animation is seeking to demonstrate. They may be the same person.

  • The requirement clarification and scripting process needs to be completed within 14 days, after which a storyboard will be shown to you. This process involves email communications and online meetings. 

  • If you are chosen, you must ensure that communications from us about the project will be responded to by the next working day.

  • We reserve the right to terminate the process if communications break down, are unsatisfactory or cause too many delays.

  • Videos will contain up to three separate office/home office scenes, e.g. meeting room, by the water cooler, a Zoom conference. Additional scenes may be included free of charge if they are likely to be of value to our library, otherwise they will be available for an additional fee.

  • Videos will contain typically two to four characters. Additional characters may be included but we reserve the right to charge a fee.

  • Animations will be narrated by a single voiceover of our choice. If you require multiple voices we reserve the right to charge a fee.

  • The animation will be supplied as a high-res MP4 file within 30 days of finalisation of script.

  • 1 iteration to the storyboard, and one for the final animation will be allowed. Additional iterations for a fee.

  • We will retain full copyright - we will give you a license to use the animation within your or your main client's organisation for an unlimited period of time. Additional licenses for a fee.

Please check your email to complete your applicatin.

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